Mr William Tilmouth

Chair, Children’s Ground

William Tilmouth was born in Alice Springs and is an Arrernte man. A member of the stolen generations, William was taken to Croker Island where he lived and attended school with many other children sent there as a result of Government policy of that era.

In 1967 he was moved off the mission to Darwin, and in 1969, he returned to Alice Springs. He attended the Aboriginal Community College in Adelaide in 1974 and worked in many jobs in South Australia. He returned to Alice Springs in 1980.

William has worked in various Government and Aboriginal organisations and was elected the Central Australian ATSIC Regional Chair in the 1980s. From 1988 to 2010 he was the Executive Director of Tangentyere Council.

William believes that Aboriginal children, families and communities should have every opportunity to be empowered, and to own and control the decisions that affect them.