Mrs Asha Bhat

Chief Executive Officer, Southern Aboriginal Corporation

Like the organisation she leads, Asha’s personal commitment to constantly develop better outcomes towards ‘Closing the Gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in the areas of Economic Prosperity, Individual Prosperity, Community Prosperity and Environmental Prosperity, is second to none.

Asha spends every day ensuring that critical services are provided seamlessly to some of Australia’s most vulnerable communities.

Asha is now an Australian citizen; however, she was born in India. English is her third language.  She has risen to the top of the organisation because she tirelessly invests her time and energy into helping to improve the culture and environment for everyone.

Asha advocates for change every day. She goes above and beyond to make her community - and, by extension, the world – a better place. She confronts unfairness. She constantly rolls up her sleeves and she uses her skills, wisdom and knowledge to help change the status quo and create a more equitable society.